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Do just one thing before Halloween….

Cybersecurity Awareness Month lasts just one more week. Have you done anything to improve your privacy or security this month? Here’s a list of the 10 Cybersecurity Essentials to concentrate your energy towards. Adopting these ten areas as habits helps not only with security but also the more elusive privacies we deserve. If you’ve already adopted each of these into your business and personal life, GREAT! Teach your family, especially your amazing kids.

  1. Passwords
    adopt a password management system so that all of your passwords are long, complex, and unique
  2. Two-factor Authentication
    use hardware or application tokens everywhere possible
  3. Backups
    use the 3-2-1 rule for backups: 3 copies, 2 backup mediums (disks, online), 1 backup
  4. Updates
    update everything – hardware, operating system, applications, TVs, doorbells, printers
  5. Endpoint Protection
    install and use endpoint protection and ensure a full scan is performed at least weekly
  6. Web browser setup
    learn how to set up your browser for best security privacy; don’t use it its ‘out of the box’ configuration
  7. Ad/script blocking
    stop trackers and malicious ads
  8. Virtual Private Networking (VPN)
    use VPNs to protect your identity, inhibit tracking
  9. Firewalls
    Use on-device firewalls (yes, two in some cases) in addition to hardware perimeter firewalls
  10. Encryption
    This is the toughest one for most to grasp. It’s jargon-laden and misrepresented by many service providers. We need to understand encryption better, know why some kinds are great and others aren’t worth much. End-to-end encryption and zero-knowledge providers vs transport security, and more.

    What have you done this month or what are you going to do before Halloween? Let me know!

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